A conventional charger is a reliable option ideal for small fleet users in single shift operations, so why go for a High Frequency charger?

High frequency (HF) chargers have many advantages that can be offered to all users from single battery owners to large DCs. They are smaller and lighter due to the method of converting AC mains into DC output. Conventional chargers use large power transformers which are bulky and heavy, whereas HF technology converts the mains by use of intricate circuitry without the need of a large transformer.

When compare to an equivalent rated conventional charger they offer:

  • Reduced dimensions: lower handling and installation costs helps to meet wall point loading requirements
  • Higher power conversion efficiency: for lower running costs
  • Lower maximum input current
  • Lower ‘in rush’ current: reduced need for high rated protection devices
  • Smoother DC output: reduces battery heat, increases battery life
  • Comprehensive operating information: on a clear LCD display panel (a user-friendly operation)
  • Suitable for use with all battery technologies
  • Large range of upgrades and options