Carrylift is proud to be offering its customers an innovative new product to assist them in identifying when their LPG forklift trucks are running low on fuel.

Minimum Level Detector (MLD) is a low propane level sensor that detects when a cylinder has enough LPG remaining for up to ten minutes of operation.fuel-gauge-article

Giving the forklift operator time to complete a job and exchange cylinders in a safe area, the gauge is reliable in all conditions, reducing the risk of forklifts running out of gas.

The benefits to using this bespoke fuel gauge come in abundance, with the most prominent advantage being an increase in the safety of operators by eliminating breakdowns during risky jobs.

Easy to install, the fuel gauge also saves money for the businesses that utilise them by preventing cylinder changes while they still contain a lot of LPG.

For more information and to find out how to order a MLD fuel gauge, contact your local Carrylift depot.