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Aisle-Master Equipment

With the ability to operate in very narrow aisles in the warehouse – as narrow as 1.6m – the Aisle-Master articulated forklift increases and maximises storage capacity. What’s more, by using the one truck, users can increase productivity and eliminate time-consuming double handling and speed up “truck to rack” operations.

Our innovative products incorporate advanced technology and offer a key range of benefits, including

  • higher reach and load capacity
  • driver comfort and safety
  • easy operation and
  • efficient 19.5kw AC motors for low running costs
  • Operates indoors and outside

All contribute to higher productivity and better, more efficient use of available warehouse capacity.

Aisle-Master Equipment Range

  • Aisle-Master Specification

    Capacity: 1500 kg to 2500 kg
    Lift Height: 4300 mm to 15000mm
    Engines Types Available: Electric 48v or LPG 3.0l GM Water Cooled

Aisle-Master Spec Sheet