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Kalmar Products – Truck Range

Kalmar Products – Electric Forklifts

Kalmar Products
  • Specification

    Capacity Range : 9.0 – 18.0 tonnes
    Battery Voltage : 2 x 37kw
    Mast Types Available : 2-Stage / 3-Stage
    Lift Height Range : 5000mm

    Model Names: ECG90-6, ECG100-6, ECG120-6, ECG127-6, ECG140-6, ECG150-6, ECG100-12, ECG120-12, ECG150-12, ECG160-6, ECG160-9, ECG160-12, ECG180-6

ECG Brochure

Kalmar – Diesel Forklifts

Kalmar Products
  • Specification

    Capacity Range: 9.0 – 33.0 tonnes
    Engine: Diesel – 4 Stroke
    Mast Types Available: 2-Stage / 3-Stage
    Lift Height Range: 3500mm – 10000mm

    Model Names: DCG50–6, DCG55–6, DCG60–6, DCG70–6, DCG80–6, DCG80–9, DCG90-6, DCG100-6, DCG120-6, DCG127-6, DCG140-6, DCG150-6, DCG100-12, DCG120-12, DCG150-12, DCG160-6, DCG160-9, DCG160-12, DCG180-6 DCG70-35 E3, DCG70-35 E4, DCG180-12LB, DCG200-12LB, DCG220-12LB, DCG250-12LB, DCG280-12LB, DCG300-12LB, DCG330-12LB,

DCG50-6 to DCG90-6 Brochure
DCG90-6 to DCG70-35 E4 Brochure
DCG180-12LB to DCG330-12LB Brochure