Electron Technical Solutions, who deliver specialist painting services to the UK automotive industry, has been a Carrylift customer for over a decade.

During this time, the provision of forklifts and servicing has changed dramatically in line with the business’s growing demands.

When the firm opened a second 28,000 sq ft factory in 2012, turnover more than doubled within two months. Following the addition of a third building in 2015, Electron required new materials handling equipment to complement their existing fleet of forklifts.

“In 2002, we had 13 sprayers working on eight hour shifts, and giving us a £4m turnover,” says managing director, Steven Schofield, who founded the business in 1984. “Today, we have five painting robots working 120 hours a week, and a £15m turnover.”

Carrylift’s Geoff Pearson said: “It helps to have equipment that can be relied upon, as it makes our lives much easier. The new TCM 1.8tonnes LPG trucks have a closed-loop system, which improves reliability and delivers the best emissions standards available. That’s important to Steve and the team, when they are using trucks inside and out. It means excellent fuel economy too.”

Find out more about Electron’s journey from a 750 square foot unit to topping £15m turnover by reading the full case study here: Driving Success – Electron Technical Solutions.