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Ultra Clean, Ultra Productive

Our ultra clean electronic controlled LPG forklifts with standard 3-way catalytic converter have exhaust emissions that are far below world’s stringent emission regulations. The TCM K-Series LPG engines deliver exceptional low emission levels:  93% less carbon oxide (CO) 78% less nitrogen oxides (NOx) and hydrocarbons (HC) Control systems monitors and tunes the performance of the engine constantly to ensure optimum low emissions at all times.

3-Way Cat As Standard

Don't pay extra for a standard TCM feature! Our 3-Way cat reduced emissions by up to 99% compared to other standard LPG forklifts

3-Way Cat As Standard

Clearview Mast System

Exceptional visibility provided by the 3-Stage Clearview Mast System thanks to a removed central mast cylinder

Exceptional Visibility

Floating Operator Cabin

The fully floating TCM cabin reduces vibration & noise for an exceptionally comfortable operating experience

Floating Operator Cabin

Thanks to a considered design process up to 98% of the forklift truck can be recycled.

Cushion Stability


Easy Access & Clear Vision

Low step for easy access, comfortable seat and plenty of legroom. TCM’s automotive  experience counts for a lot when it comes to designing the ideal workplace for a forklift operator.The truck can be equipped with fingertip control levers on the operator’s armrest. With these, the operator will be able to work up to 10% faster and more precise. The TCM-designed clear-vision cabin is  a factory installed option for even greater comfort and protection.The optional Optiview (3V) mast has full free lift. With its two full free lift cylinders to the side, there is nothing in the centre to obstruct the operator’s visibility.

Best fuel consumption at all times and under all conditions

The Electronic Concentrated Control System (ECCS) constantly monitors and controls engine and forklift performance to provide the leanest operation. The ECCS, consisting of Vehicle Control Module (VCM) and Engine Control Module (ECM), ensures maximum fuel economy under all conditions.The standard Power/ECO switch (LPG) provides fuel savings and lower noise levels at the press of a button. With the optional Ground Speed Control, selection of a maximum speed based on operator skill or operation type has never been easier.

Closed Loop System

Exceptionally low emissions are achieved thanks to optimum air/fuel ratio. It's all thanks to our unique closed loop control system. Continuous monitoring of the fuel and air ratio is achieved by the onboard ECCS, providing split second alterations in fuel injection and air intake.

Closed Loop System

All cars come with a closed-loop system from the factory because it’s the only way they can pass emissions. By constantly monitoring the Air-Fuel ratio during normal operation, they can keep emissions to a minimum and also achieve good fuel economy.

Other Great Features

All our TCM LPG forklifts come with a host of superb safety, productivity and ergonomic features!

Other Great Features

Cushioned Stability Control (CSC)

The TCM Risk Reduction System, a full range of safety features to help make your daily operations safer: Cushioned Stability Control (CSC). The standard TCM-exclusive maintenance free Cushion Stability Control system improves lateral stability and provides confident driving while making turns.

Return-to-Neutral Transmission

The transmission returns to Neutral within 3 seconds when the operator leaves the seat, making sure the truck does not move.

Mast Lock System

Standard on all models, the system automatically locks all lifting and tilting functions when the operator leaves the seat to prevent accidental operation.

Tilt Leveling

At the simple touch of a button on the fingertip control. It brings the forks completely  horizontal, enabling the operator to position the forks to the load quick and easy.

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