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After three years continuous use we have had no issues or breakdowns in this period and would not hesitate to purchase more should requirement arise.
Keith Sadler, Vista Panels



A leader in the logistics industry, TCM (Toyo Carrier Manufacturing) was founded in Japan in 1949. Today it is part of a materials handling products business that stretches across Europe and around the globe. The UK product range is manufactured in Spain with product development, engineering, technical and training resources located in Sweden.

The UniCarriers corporation, to which TCM belongs, was officially founded in 2011, and began operation in 2013 after the integration of the TCM Corporation and the Nissan Forklift Co., Ltd. In 2016, UniCarriers became a ‘sub-subsidiary’ of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. As a forklift provider, TCM remains committed to problem solving with simple solutions and smart innovation.

For warehouse uses, equipment is available for loading and unloading, transporting, stacking and picking, with load capacities from 800 to 3,000kg and reach lifting heights up to 15,850mm.

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Our TCM experience:

We are the UK’s largest distributor of TCM equipment. We have won several awards from TCM, and forerunner, Nissan. Thomas Wiklund, European chief executive of forklift manufacturer TCM said: “Carrylift has built an extremely impressive reputation for expert innovation and professional quality over the past few years and is a highly-valued member of the TCM family.”

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