Beyond the typical pallet, there’s a whole world of different loads, and products of differing shapes and sizes that can be handled with the (in this instance, badly named) forklift.

Before specifying complicated machinery, there’s a wide range of mechanical attachments available that can slip on and off forks to make existing equipment even more useful. A simple pole or boom is already popular for rolled products, such as carpets or artificial grass.

“It may look like a simple product,” says Peter Sharpe, managing director of mechanical attachments specialists, Invicta. “It’s easy to misuse the attachments, stressing the load and creating potentially hazardous situations. Uneven surfaces and lateral movement add stress, so the important thing is to ensure the equipment is correctly specified.”

Whether it’s standard fork replacements and extensions, or more specialised items such as scissor grabs and fly jibs, we have the expertise to deliver the best solution for your application.

The options covers all areas of material handling from the very popular fork extension to the more complex mechanical scissor grab with every combination in-between.

Working platforms to access platforms, fixed hooks to extending jibs, drum handlers to carpet poles, tipping skips to tipping bins… are also popular, whilst bespoke manufactured attachments can be produced to to precise requirement or application.

When it comes to lifting pipes, blocks, bags, supermarket cages or even people, there’s a special attachment out there for you!