post_feat_img_battery_chargerOur countrywide network will ensure that you always get a speedy response from our team. Our multi skilled service force can offer you a very competitive price and unrivalled reliability when it comes to keeping your forklift trucks and other material handling equipment safe and operational.

We believe that keeping your business moving is vital and even a small gap in productivity can cause lasting damage such as financial loss, good standing with your clients or the competitive edge. This is why we offer a service that fits with all of your business needs.

Service Contracts

With our pre-planned service contracts, your equipment will be scheduled for regular servicing throughout the term of the agreement.

This ensures that all of your equipment is running at its optimum condition and reduces the risk of breakdowns at crucial times. Our representatives will assess the finer details with you to ensure that you get the right coverage for your demands.

Naturally a well maintained machine will have a longer working life, which helps to keep your running costs under control. For added peace of mind, we also ensure that your equipment satisfies the health and safety commissions’ code of practice too.

Breakdown Service

The last thing you need during a hectic day of fast turnaround times and high demand is an equipment failure.

Our guaranteed 4 hour response time means that you can plan for any eventuality quickly without having to write off a day’s work waiting on other less reliable breakdown services. Our engineers are fully trained and will always look to get your forklifts and other material moving equipment operational as soon as possible.

Maintenance Contracts

Why spend your valuable working hours scheduling maintenance and repairs when we can do it for you? We¬†have an excellent infrastructure in place to manage all of your maintenance needs efficiently and cost effectively. With a fixed cost maintenance contract tailored to your specific needs and budget, we do the work that’s needed, you stay in control of your finances and work schedule.

Forklift Parts

We offer a comprehensive range of spare parts and accessories that meet your business needs directly. Whatever type of part you need for any machinery in your fleet, our long standing relationship with our suppliers means that we have a broader range of parts at prices that remain competitive even when purchased in small quantities.

Our friendly team are on standby to help and are always happy to answer all of your enquiries, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.