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A Potential New Customer

has approached the Carrylift Group with a request to help provide a solution to improve their method of handling paper reels with particular focus on Health & Safety, Carrylift took on the challenge. The objective was to come up with a solution to remove the ‘manual’ element of movement of paper reels weighing anything up to 150kg in weight.

With fantastic technical support from Carrylift’s partner ‘ROBUR’ a detailed site survey was carried out which identified all elements of the task in hand and the final solution required to give our client what they needed.

A specialist piece of equipment for this method of handling was put forward and submitted to our client as a perfect solution to their requirement. Carrylift demonstrated how the truck and the proposed solution (Counter Balanced Pedestrian stacker with Core Expander) would not only be effective in their area of major concern, but would also enable our client to utilise the concept within 80% of their operation. By providing this equipment and concept our client would benefit from its flexibility, and removing the need for additional Manual Handing Equipment currently in use.

Operations Manager Peter stated “Since the Robur machine has arrived on site it has put my mind at ease in terms of handling our pre-print paper reel handling, and we will definitely utilise this machine even more in the future for post print reels.” He went on to say, “This new method of handling the reels makes the environment safer whilst avoiding potential reel damage”. Peter also stated “The machine speed settings are infinitely variable and we have therefore set them according to our environment”.
Carrylift were delighted to be able to provide a solution to their new customer’s needs.