Custom Built Pedestrian Equipment


With over 60 years of thinking outside the box, Logitrans are manufacturing equipment specialists and are renowned for making bespoke custom built pedestrian equipment. From ergonomic equipment ranging from pallet trucks to highlifters, Logitrans’ machines are built with operator comfort, safety and efficiency in mind. At Carrylift we pride ourselves on being solutions providers. Our partner, Logitrans, adds another dimension to the services we provide. To discover more about the products we provide, get in touch here


Robur have been delivering their tailor-made solutions to customers worldwide for over 65 years, and service a wide number of industries. The company name, Robur, is Latin for oak and represents their core product values: strength and reliability. Robur understands that health & safety is thea main priority for many businesses, which is why they champion best practices with their partners likesuch as Carrylift. Every bespoke application they manufacture is built to the highest safety standards, as well as being expertly engineered to solve the problem at hand. To learn more about our work with Robur and the range of equipment we offer, get in touch here.

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