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Preparation for Brexit

With post-Brexit uncertainty and impending change inevitable, Carrylift have taken measures to make provisions to ensure they continue to provide for all customer needs. Brexit is scheduled to take place at 11pm on Friday 29th March 2019.

The Port of Dover alone handles £120 billion in imports and exports (17% of Britain’s total). Coupled with the Eurotunnel’s 24/7 service, carrying around 25% of trade within the EU, there is little doubt that the introduction of even the most basic customs checks will cause delays.

There will inevitably be changes at the Ports to the customs procedures required for EU imports and exports. Right now it is unsure how these changes will be rolled out. With lengthier procedures and more rigorous checks at customs, activity is only going to increase both at the ports and in the surrounding roads.

Due the economic crisis ten years ago, the forklift truck industry like many others suffered as a direct result of the uncertainty that was created at that time. We learned at that time that the customer then needed a number of solutions in order to fill their material handling requirements.